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The Heat is On: Homeowners can choose from a number of different types of gas heating solutions, from furnaces to space heaters. When it's time to turn on the heat, many homeowners know that there is no better system than one fueled by propane gas. 
Staying in Hot Water: With a propane gas water heater, staying in hot water means not getting soaked by high operating or repair costs. Heating water with a tank-less water heater means hot water that never stops running. 
A Hearth-Warming Experience: Gas fireplaces and stoves add charm to any home and are an excellent source of supplemental heat. Southern Propane sells vented and vent-free gas logs, which are increasingly popular as people discover their convenience, environmental benefits, and energy efficiency. 
Propane Generators: A propane generator gives you peace of mind when it is hooked up to a permanent tank, eliminating the gasoline storage and fueling necessary with portable generators. Automatic transfer switches start your generator for you. When utility power is restored, the system senses it and transfers service back to your utility company. No power? No worries. It's all automatic. 
A New Spin on Laundry: Propane gas dryers can save time and money. They quickly reach desired temperatures to dry clothes evenly. Put a new spin on old chores while saving money. 
Commercial Gas: Call today for a quote on propane for your business needs. We serve laundries, restaurants, commercial buildings, and all industrial needs. 
Now You're Cooking: Professional chefs prefer cooking with gas over electricity. The cooking experience is even more enjoyable when you compare the cost of propane gas to electricity. Regardless of the style of home or the size and layout of your kitchen, propane gas ranges and ovens offer the best recipe for making every meal a success.
Light the Way: The romantic atmosphere provided by gas torches and lamps, gas fire pit, or outdoor gas fireplace will enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor room. 
Grill A Meal  Propane gas grills are popular because of the instant even flame, precise temperature control and easy clean up. At Southern Propane we take pride in selling quality gas grills with over 30 years of experience. Where better than Florida to have a true summer kitchen? We carry a full line of deep fryers, turkey fryers and stock pots of all sizes. Your backyard chef can prepare just about anything. Please visit our showroom to see the variety.
Tank Installation  We at Southern Propane will determine the correct size for installing a propane storage tank, depending on your usage. We also offer Below Ground installation. Call today for details. Our experts can fit a tank into any landscape design so it is not noticeable. Now you see it! Now you don't! 
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